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School for the Mind and Body believes that parents everywhere are looking for an educational environment that will encourage the same life skills and values that are taught in the home. Our program is based on a “concept of the week” that is integrated into four educational units – Thinking, Learning, Nutrition, and Exercise.

For example, if the concept of the week is love, children will define and practice love through the Thinking Unit. During this time teachers and students will discuss how parents love their children and how children love their parents. The Learning Unit will cover the letters L.O.V.E. Our Nutrition Unit will be dedicated to discussing ways to love our bodies through healthy food choices. Finally, children will learn ways to show love to their bodies through exciting games and physical activities during the Exercise Unit. Each concept will also be taught and applied through art projects, dance, drama and story.



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Parent Testimonials

“We truly appreciate all that you have done for Leighton. He has grown and learned so much in your program. We are so grateful as we see the progress in his writing, peaking in confidence, not to mention we believe he has matured emotionally from your teachings. I love your concept, teaching format, it has done wonders for our son. This should be taught in all schools because these are real life skills every child should learn.”

Todd & Tammy – Oxford, MI

“Over the weekend I wanted to take Theresa (my 3 year old daughter) to the local ice cream shop. Much to my surprise her response was: “not today daddy – I’m eating healthy.”

Wayne - Lake Orion, MI